Shaolin Weapons

Alongside the empty-handed forms of Shaolin Kempo Kung-Fu, there are the Traditional Weapons sets.  In martial arts, weapons are an added training tool to enhance the body’s connection with an inanimate object whether it be long, short, flexible, single, or double-handed. The aim of the training is that the weapon becomes an extension of the body. Practicing with weapons helps develop heightened coordination, strength & dexterity, and spatial awareness depending on the type of weapon you train with.

Typically, there are 18 types of weapons practiced at the Shaolin Temple. These are broken down into 5 sub-classes:

  • Poles (staves & sticks)
  • Blades (swords & knives
  • ‘Soft’ Weapons (ropes, whips, & chains)
  • Projectiles (archery, spikes & needles)
  • Combination weapons (halberds/spears, joined, & specialty).

Students at SHAOLIN Martial Arts Canada learning   Traditional Martial Arts Weapons in Aurora begin with what is commonly referred to among Chinese styles as the ‘4 Gentlemen of Kung-Fu’:

Dao is called the “Marshal of all Weapons.” It is one of the most popular weapons in Chinese martial arts. Its applications are vigorous and quick in defense and offense.

The spear is called the “King of all Weapons.” It is versatile, using both large and compact technique. The main characteristic of spear techniques is flexibility in body movements, lightness, agility, and footwork, quickness, and steadiness in turns. The movements are clear and practical, and though difficult, has a great effect on strengthening the body.

The sword is called the “Gentleman of all Weapons.” It is the most widely used of all weapons among schools of gong-fu. The movements of Jian are quick, agile, elegant, loose, graceful, and natural in action. The movements are flexible as well as variable. Attention is paid to both motion and stillness. Hardness and suppleness supplement each other.