Traditional Kung-Fu for Kids’ Success!

Enrolling in Shaolin Kempo Kung-Fu is one of the best things you can do for your child!

With our team of dedicated professional martial arts instructors- many of them graduates of our children’s programs themselves- and our low teacher/student ratios,
all our young students are ensured to receive the attention and instruction they need to learn and progress in a safe and supportive environment.

Age and Rank Specific Classes!

Unlike many schools, we organize kids into specific classes based on both their age and skill level

Kids’s Basic

Beginner Students

White, Yellow, Orange

Kid’s Level 1

Intermediate Students

Purple, Blue, Blue/ Green Stripe

Kid’s Level 2-3 Class

Advanced Students

Green, Green 1 Stripe, Green 2 Stripe, Brown, Brown 1 Stripe, Brown 2 Stripe

Benefits of Rank-Specific Classes

Provide appropriate instruction that caters to the skill level of the students

Higher Student:Teacher Ratios

Manageable class sizes

Kid’s Kung-Fu Benefits


Students gain FOCUS through concentrating on the moment through our Ji-ben Gong Moving Drills and Striking Practicing.


Training in Shaolin Kung-Fu will help offset the growing sedentary lifestyle among kids through similar exercises done by Shaolin Monks!


Our style of Shaolin Kung-Fu involves the same techniques used by the Shaolin Temple in China. Students learn and join a tradition lasting over 1500 years


Shaolin Kung-Fu brings with it many Eastern Philosophies and a mentality of respect and humility.


By learning traditional forms and practices, students not only learn to control their bodies, but their mind and emotions.


With our training curriculum and testing procedures, students are given opportunities to self-improve and recognize their own abilities.


Through continuous practice, students gain confidence through their growing mastery of a practical martial art.


In our school, students are given opportunities to increase leadership qualities, such as through volunteering and learning how to instruct and teach students.

Interested in learning more?
Check out these programs!

After School Program
After School Pickup Program
Pick up from school, dedicated homework/ play time, snacks, and a martial arts class
Shaolin Weapons
Shaolin Weapons
Expand your knowledge of Kung-Fu by learning the traditional weapons taught at the Shaolin Weapons