Kid’s Kung-Fu

Kid’s Kung-Fu
Kung-Fu Classes for Ages 5+

Teen/ Adult Kung-Fu

Teen/ Adult Kung-Fu
Kung-Fu Classes for Teens and Adults

Chinese Kickboxing

Learn the art of Chinese Kickboxing and compete in Local, Provincial, and National Competitions

After School Program

After School Pickup Program
Pick up from school, dedicated homework/ play time, snacks, and a martial arts class

Shaolin Weapons

Shaolin Weapons
Expand your knowledge of Kung-Fu by learning the traditional weapons taught at the Shaolin Weapons


Learn to control your body and spirit through the Chinese Breathing Practices of Qi-Gong


Train With Professionals

-34th Gen. Shaolin Warrior Disciple
-9th Degree Grandmaster in Shaolin Kempo
-9th Gen. Grandmaster in
Praying Mantis Kung-fu
-5th Dan in Iaido
-4th Dan in Jodo

Rocco Colorossi, a 4th degree black belt in Shaolin Kempo and a Sanda coach and fighter
Daniel Wakefield, 4th degree black belt and Sanda fighter
Ethan Wakefield, a 4th degree black belt in Shaolin Kempo
The Lobby of the Shaolin Martial Arts Dojo in Aurora


More About The School

Serving Aurora for 25+ years

Starting as Villari’s Martials Arts Centres in 1995 to Black Belt Martial Arts, and now Shaolin Martial Arts Canada, we have been teaching and supporting the community of Aurora and Newmarket for almost 3 decades

Recognized by Sport Aurora

Community Martial Arts Demonstrations

School Self-Defense Programs

YouthSpeak’s A.W.A.K.E. Program

Zahed FazliZahed Fazli

21:24 23 Oct 23
I love it here, as someone who has been here for five years. I am black belt, but it was easy for the help of Master Tim here. But I definitely recommend


20:43 02 Sep 23


21:57 27 Apr 23
I really like the whole atmosphere here. I am very satisfied with the teachers’ professionalism and friendly attitude. Haha, he actually learned Shaolin Kung Fu from the Dongchuiputang, an overseas branch of Shaolin Temple, tens of thousands of kilometers away from his hometown! I regret not finding out earlier

Massimo LozziMassimo Lozzi

15:06 05 Sep 22
I am a 60 year old man who was looking to stay active.I joined SMAC In Aurora six months ago just to get in better shape and keep my body moving. I must tell you I wasn’t anywhere near to being in shape. This workout Master Tim gives all of his students is intense. I am blown away by the workouts. This is hard work but I feel amazing after each and every class. Master Tim teaches every student to respect,him his other instructors and all of the other students.Master Tim’s program is well rounded pushing every student physically to get into better shape also teaching self defence and sparring!! I wish I joined SMAC ten years ago.Thank you Master Tim.

Jaydan DeShongJaydan DeShong

03:43 15 Apr 22

Kim BurkeKim Burke

00:47 19 Sep 17
Both of my kids have been training at SMAC since they started martial arts, this will be their third year. They are in the after school program which is fantastic. My kids especially enjoy the self defence and sparring training at SMAC.We chose SMAC for our kids for several reasons. The first reason is because of Master Tim. We approached him with concerns about our daughter participating in martial arts because she had issues with balance, gross and fine motor skills, core strength etc. due to effects from illness when she was younger. Master Tim not only assured us that she would be able to participate, he informed us that Karate would help her with all of these issues. Our son is a very active child who enjoys the stimulation and exercise (both physical and mental) he gets from Karate. Master Tim constantly goes back to China to upgrade his training and ranking and brings back a fountain of knowledge and training which he passes on in his classes.The after school programs is great. Our kids are picked up after school at 3pm daily and taken to the dojo where they are given a snack, training, homework help and play time. The staff are all wonderful, dedicated and incredibly talented people. Kelly runs a tight ship in the after school program and makes sure the kids get ready for training, get their homework done, and gets them ready for parent pick up between 5:30-6:00pm. This allows me time to work a bit later since I don’t have to pick my kids up at 3pm.There are also March Break and summer camps offered so kids can keep training and enjoy daily field trips for extra fun.SMAC has a beautiful – recently renovated – dojo with two large classrooms with large viewing windows and lots of seating. There are two generously sized rooms for after school kids to work and play in.With talented staff, incredible training and after school programs and an excellent dojo, what better martial arts training could you have.

Dongmei SunDongmei Sun

21:41 11 Aug 17
My kids have been with Shaolin Martial Arts Canada for almost two years. We love this school. Very good program and the instructors are wonderful!

Michelle GMichelle G

02:12 27 Jun 17
I have trained with Shaolin Martial Arts for many years, and my son now trains here too. I can’t recommend a better place to train! Great for adults and kids. Wonderful atmosphere. Master Tim has been teaching Martial Arts for over 20 years. No one more knowledgeable in the area. Looking for a great place with great instructors? Look no further!



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